What the experts say about kitchen knives

You might be as confused as I am, when it comes to kitchen knives, right? I never understood why we need all these different types – but anyway, I am not so much into cooking… So let’s see what the experts say about knives and which are the kitchen knives set to buy for our kitchen!

According to cooking experts, we mainly need four different types of knives: a vegetable knife (or paring knife), an all-purpose serrated knife, a cook’s knife (which is an all-purpose large one) and a bread knife (the one with a long serrated blade).
If we want to have some additional knives, there are special ones for calving, boning, filleting or santoku.
The material which a knife is made of is also important. The cheapest is stainless steel, but stainless knives go blunt, so we need to sharpen them again. Carbon steel is harder but is also more expensive. Its only disadvantage is that it may rust. The best material for commercial knives is ceramic, which is much harder than carbon steel and it doesn’t rust. They remain sharp and they are very lightweight. Their potential disadvantage is that they can chip.
If you really have the money to spent, you can try Damascus knives. Their core is made from carbon steel, covered by layers of stainless steel. The result is a really hard and razor-sharp blade.
Another factor we need to pay attention to is how the knife feels in our hand. It must feel comfortable and it must have the right weight. Lightweight knives are better for speed and precise cuts, while heavy ones are better for hard foods like uncooked roots. The balance is also important: a good knife doesn’t have a heavy handle.
When you buy a new knife, check the joining. If it is poor or loose, your knife may easily break or bend and it can trap food which you will not be able to wash properly. If you can afford it, choose a knife that is made from a single piece of ceramic or steel – it will last much longer than the ones with a plastic handle.

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